Long life and resistant to corrosion Shorter life span due to corrosion
Total head loss due to friction is very less because of its smooth internal surface Higher head loss because of rough internal surface
Higher water discharge Discharge is less because of more surface friction
High load holding capacities. Threads do not corrode Threads are prone to corrosion having short life span
Rubber seals ensures 100% leakproof even at high pressures Threads do not have seal ring system and cannot withstand hydrostatic pressure
Cost effective, Light weight, easy to install and pull, maintenance free Heavy and difficult to install by paying higher price

Grades of pipes as Per colour code

Grade A+ Black Super Heavy
Grade A Blue Heavy Duty
Grade B Violet Standard Plus
Grade C Red+ Standard+
Grade D Orange Medium Duty
Grade E Violet Plus Eco
Grade F Green Eco Medium
Grade G Black LD Light Duty
Grade H Red Standard